Special Services

Many times wineries end up in situations that do not fit neatly into the normal process of bottling. That is where our special services offerings come in. We offer many solutions that can quickly get you back on track. If your problem isn’t solved by one of the methods listed below, let us know and we will see if we can come up with a solution for you.

Label/Capsule only

Sometimes when packaging materials are not ready, wines are bottled as shiners. Our service allows customers to ship their shiners into our facility to be labeled and capsuled. The process usually takes less than a week.

Label Removal

Whether it is a labeling misprint, or someone in marketing changed their mind, we understand that sometimes a label needs to come off. If your labels need to be removed to make room for a new one, our label removal service can solve this problem.


If removing wine from the bottle with very little oxygen pickup is what you need, Top It Off Bottling can help. Our process includes removing corks with a nitrogen injections system that forces the cork out while blanketing the bottle with nitrogen. The wine is then poured into our custom-built decant box that is designed to create positive nitrogen flow at all times.

Special packaging

Neck bands, neckers, special export labeling, label over label…whatever marketing has decided will be that special thing to make your product stand out, we can help make it happen. If there is an economic way to do it on the line, we will always attempt that, but if not, we can also do it offline to add that special hand-crafted touch.